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"Aircraft Charter is a time machine for business people. Personally it has saved about 3 years of my life and has increased my productivity by at least 100%...." - Eric V.

Flying privately saves valuable time and increases efficiency

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Fast and Efficeint

Whether you need to transport employees to a meeting or just want to be dropped off with a group for a backwoods fishing trip, we have the airplanes to get you there!

Some reasons past customers have chartered with us:

Construction site surveys, checking on construction crews.

Bid-openings, pre-con meetings and post job inspections.

Business meetings of all kinds.

Trade conventions/ industry shows and heavy equipment shopping.

Multiple offices

Customer Demonstrations - getting them to the location

Show property to clients, preview property for clients, look at property whose owners think is worth way more than it's worth...

Support sales reps by going to meetings with them, call on clients, meet with support staff, fly business partners to meetings

Hosting buyer/seller meetings and attending due diligence meetings to troubleshoot.

Shake Hands turboprop