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For your specialized shipping needs, Encore Air Cargo, a Bemidji Aviation subsidiary, offers regularly-scheduled freight routes throughout the Midwest, as well as having aircraft available to transport your cargo anywhere in the continental North America. Our same-day service boasts a 99.9% on-time performance standard. Encore Air Cargo’s close proximity to U.S. customs allows freight to be moved through customs quickly and easily, thanks to the port's local control, our personalized service and congestion-free access. Around-the-Clock Access - when time is of the essence and tomorrow is too late, Encore Air Cargo is ready and available to help you meet your most pressing delivery deadlines - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Around-the-Country Delivery - our crew of experienced pilots is able to fly anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our ability to utilize smaller airports gives us the flexibility to deliver your cargo closer to its final destination and avoid closings or delays that may occur at major airports.

Available Aircraft

Fairchild Metroliner IIIModel SA227-AC
Cargo Capacity4,700 lbs
Speed290 mph
Cargo Door 53" x 51"
Cargo Bay356" (L) x 50" (H) x 44" (W)
Cargo Volume630 Cu Ft
Range1200 mi

Cessna TitanModel 404
Cargo Capacity2,250 lbs
Speed200 mph
Cargo Door50" x 49"
Cargo Bay150"(L) x 50" (H) x 50" (W)
Cargo Volume
Range800 mi

Cessna Model 402B
Cargo Capacity 1,200 lbs
Speed200 mph
Cargo Door50" x 49"
Cargo Bay133" (L) x 48" (H) x 48" (W)
Cargo Volume
Range600 mi