Imagine yourself in the pilot's seat of a real airplane in flight. You push the throttle forward and within seconds you are climbing into the skies. You are flying, you are a pilot!! A Discovery Flight will place you and up to two guests into the world of a pilot. One of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors will guide you through a ground discussion and weather briefing, followed by a hands-on preflight of the airplane, takeoff, in-flight maneuvers, landing and post-flight debrief.

The best part, YOU will have the controls almost the entire flight! From takeoff to landing you will experience the hands-on fundamentals of flight. Under the watchful eye of your instructor you will be allowed to pilot the aircraft in turns, climbs, and descents to see just what flying is all about thousands of feet above the earth.

Often, a Discovery Flight is the official start to your journey to becoming a pilot. This wonderful experience is offered at a discounted price. Discovery Flights make a great birthday, holiday, graduation, or anniversary gift for that special person. A Discovery Flight certificate also makes a truly unique gift for that special friend or family member who has always had a yearning to fly! Because of the hands-on nature of a Discovery Flight, this will NOT simply be an airplane ride.