Private Pilot Certificate Cost Estimate
Cost is based on a Cessna 172 price
Based on 50 hours of total flight time (actual flight times will vary)

20 Hours Ground Instruction
20 hrs x $45 = $900
30 Hours Flight Instruction
30 hrs x $45 = $1,350
20 Hours Solo Aircraft Time
20 hrs x $103 = $2,060
30 Hours Dual C172 Aircraft Time
30 hrs x $103 = $3,090

Other costs:

  • $160 medical exam and Student Pilot Certificate

  • $350 ground school, books and supplies

  • $150 FAA Knowledge Test Fee (written test)

  • $400 FAA Examiner's Fee (flight test)

    Total Cost: $8,318*

Option #1
 Pay as you go, we take cash, checks and all major credit cards 

Option #2
 Pre-pay on your account with check or cash and receive a 5% discount. You must pay at least $3,000 down on your account to start. Pre-pay accounts must maintain a $500 balance. 

Option #3
 Get financing through the lender of your choice, which allows for a low repayment plan to cover the entire cost of your flight training up front. TruStar Federal Credit Union of Bemidji, 2312 Trustar Lane, Bemidji (218-444-5567) will finance the cost of flight training for up to 36 months. Monthly payments would be approximately $220 on a $7,000 training loan. 

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The length of time to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate varies on the student’s ability to recall learned knowledge and individual study techniques. The Private Pilot License may be obtained in as little as 30 days.


*Current rates as of 28 October 2016



  • FAA Minimum flight time is 40 hours before testing ($6,090 for FAA minimum time).

  • Average cost is with current fuel prices.

  • Most students require 45-60 hours of flight time before their flight test.

  • The majority of ground training can be accomplished at home doing a self study program (accounted for in books and supplies estimate).

  • An average flight lesson consists of a pre-flight briefing, about 1 hour, and a post-flight debriefing, about 2 hours long costing of approximately $180.00.