Current Fuel Prices

(As of 1/24/2019)

Avgas-100LL   $5.15 Cash  / $5.20 Credit Card

Jet Fuel-JetA  $4.96 Cash / $4.99 Credit Card

Phillips Jet A contains pre-mixed Anti-icing/Biocidal additive (FSII) meeting the specification requirements of PFA-55MB

City fuel flow ($0.0545 eff 4/1/17 per Resolution #198 Fuel Flowage Fee Effective 04-01-2017.pdf) included in prices

-  All prices are per gallon -All prices are subject to change without notice

Phillips Card same as cash price

  Facility Fees (waived if minimum fuel purchase made)

Aircraft TypeFee $Min Gallons
Piston Twin$30.0050

 Afterhours/Holiday Line Services

After hours (9pm-4:30am):$85.00

Holiday (9pm day before to 4:30am day after): $150.00

Add-ons: 50% of above rates each aircraft

Holidays are days we are closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day

Add-ons are when a customer arranges to get fuel/services at the same time that a line person is already scheduled to attend to an after hours or holiday event.

Please pre-arrange an After hours/Holiday call in in advance if at all possible by calling our main office during normal business hours (218) 751-1880. In the case of an unexpected need or emergency please use the phone list provided below:

 CLICK >> After Hours Call List

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