Aircraft Fleet

The passenger fleet includes piston, turbo prop and jet aircraft. We operate a Beech Baron, Beech Excalibur Queen Airs, a Beech E-90 King Air, and a Cessna CJ525 Jet for passenger work. We seek to provide comfort and convenience to our customers, as our business is built on a foundation of satisfied customers.

The cargo fleet at Bemidji Aviation is made up of piston and turbo prop aircraft. We have Beech Excalibur Queen Airs, Beech 99's and Metroliner IIIs on our cargo flights.

Our single engine fleet of Cessna 172s, a Cessna 152, a Cessna 150 are available for scenic/survey flights as well as rental. Also with these aircraft we promote and sustain a vibrant flight training program that is vital in maintaining the health of local aviation.

Our Fleet is maintained by our maintenance department in Bemidji. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanics, who maintain our aircraft as well as providing maintenance services to our customers. Our maintenance department is full service, offering both complete airframe and powerplant services.

Beech King Air

  • Executive Aircraft
  • Pressurized
  • Air Conditioned
  • Turbine Powered
  • Up to 8 Passengers
  • Speed of 250 MPH

Beech Queen Air

  • Up to 6 Passengers
  • Cargo Capacity of 2000 lbs
  • Internal Volume over 200 Cu. Ft.
  • Speed of 200 MPH

Metroliner III

  • Pressurized
  • Turbine Powered
  • Cargo Only, opening 53' x 51'
  • Cargo Capacity 4700 lbs
  • Internal Volume 630 Cu. Ft.
  • Speed of 290 MPH

Beech 99 Airliner

Beech Baron

  • Up to 5 passengers
  • Cargo Capacity 1000 lbs
  • Internal Volume over 65 Cu. Ft.
  • Speed of 210 MPH

Cessna Jet 525

  • Executive Aircraft
  • Up to 5 passengers
  • Air conditioned
  • Pressurized
  • Turbo Jet
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Speed of 410 MPH

Drawing by Vince Barnhart