Fleet Upgrade Program

The purpose of this page is to explain how Bemidji Aviation is upgrading it's fleet of Queenairs. We will also be applying many of the upgrades to our Beech 99 fleet and Metroliner fleet. 

Aircraft Upgrades

By far the biggest part of the upgrade(s) on our Beechcraft 65 fleet is the Avionics

The Avionics Include:

  • Garmin G600 EFIS
  • Garmin GTN 750 and GTN 650 GPS/COMM/VOR/LOC/GS
  • Remote mounted GDL88 ADSB and GTX33 Transponder
  • Bendix/King KR87 ADF and KN62A DME
  • PS Engineering PMA8000 Audio Panel includes MB and VOX
  • Model 65 Aircraft have King KFC200 Autopilots
  • L-3 WX500 Stormscope
  • Full Vac powered backup sixpack on Copilot side

These avionics upgrades give the aircraft the ability to operate into nearly any IFR environment under Part 135 rules no matter what navaids are servicing the airspace volume that is being used. That means that Bemidji Aviation not only has extremely safe aircraft, but also very capable aircraft. This is important to provide the best, most reliable service possible to our customers which then improves the job security of our very much valued employees

Engine Instrumentation is also Glass Panel by JP Instruments:


Lycoming IO720 Upgrade (Excalibur Conversion)

What's not to love about Queenairs that are powered by two  400hp Lycoming IO720 powerplants?  These smooth running, reliable masterpieces have proven themselves over the decades to be the king of the horizontally opposed piston engines. They sound awesome and bring improved performance to an aircraft that was already great. Bemidji Aviation owns STC (SA444SW). This STC also adds a few other performance enhancing goodies like new geardoors and new much more aerodynamic cowlings.


Hartzell Scimitar Propeller STC

We are in the process of installing brand new up-to-date propellers on our Queenair fleet as the older propellers wear out. This also updates some propeller installations from alcohol anti-ice to electrothermal deice. The Queen Air Excalibur series propeller installation upgrade replaces the existing 82”, 3 bladed, constant speed Hartzell propellers (hub/blade model HC-A3VK-2A/V8433N-2R or HC-A3VK-2A/V8433NB-2R) with new 80”, 3 bladed, constant speed Hartzell swept tip, “blended” airfoil Scimitar-shaped aluminum alloy blade propellers (hub/blade model HC-C3YR-2UF/FC7693DF(B)+2). This is a Bemidji Aviation owned STC (ST08529CH-A).